This page will no doubt evolve with time. I will start with an alphabetical organization, but later may need to categorize.

Contact me with the link to your survey and a short description and I will review your survey for relevance and add it to this Survey Index.

winesurveys [at] gmail [dot] com



  1. How do you like it? The temperature of wine and the serving environment are important to many wine drinkers. This survey seeks to understand the serving habits of wine drinkers.
  2. reader demographics survey – this is a demographics study intended to help understand the readership of
  3. purchasing survey – this survey seeks to understand the wine purchasing patterns of anyone who wishes to participate.



  1. Is corked wine such a big problem? – this is an on-going collaborative effort to obtain and real-world view of the incidence of TCA-tainted wines.  THIS SURVEY IS CLOSED See results.

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