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Do wine blogs matter?

Doctoral student Tracy Rickman has posed that question and placed it at the center of her thesis. Tracy is a Consumer Research doctoral candidate at Auburn University and her dissertation pertains to wine blogs as an information source.

Participants will be asked to complete a survey that should take about
10-15 minutes.

I encourage everyone to participate in Tracy’s study (participants must be 21 years or older).

In Tracy’s words: “The survey is a little longer than the typical ‘polls’ you see out there. It’s a dissertation and that requires a little more of [the participant’s] time. But, information from this study should provide general benefit to the wine blog community.

While I tend to be cautious about consumer and market research (which tends to have a master to serve), I am comfortable endorsing Tracy’s project because this is purely an academic project. Tracy – to my knowledge – has no vested interest in publications, blogs or the wine industry. She doesn’t have a blog, she didn’t read blogs prior to starting this thesis and is probably most comfortable describing her wine savvy as “beginner”.

Please tell your wine blog-reading friends about this survey: